Pradeep Nagendiran

Software Architect (12 Years) | .NET & .NET Core Full Stack with Various Flavours of SPA & Cloud Computing | Chennai


Hands on full stack .NET lead developer/ software architect having around11 Years of experience with a strong focus on implementing web technologies and experience centered around architecting high availability enterprise REST API Gateway with .Net Core WebAPI and Typescript based Angular and JavaScript SPA application development.

Designed & Architected EFCore based REST Web API over the principles of DDD & CQRS with Angular 7 front end for a US based Dental Healthcare Market Leading establishment. Traveled twice to US in B Visa to Syracuse, NY for Technical Discussion during Bootstrapping phase and for Deployment during Pilot Roll out phase.

Having strong experience in JavaScript, jQuery, Typescript, Angular, Bootstrap, Material design & Other UI Client side frameworks. Worked with various flavors of SPA with ASP.NET MVC Web API including Konckout, Angular, React, Vue, backbone, and marionette and other NodeJs based frameworks.

Worked in multitude of domains starting from Component development industry, Muticurrency E-Commerce website development & Maintenance, Table booking for Food & Restaurant domain, Port of Rail & rail signal simulation from windows to angular & Webgl based app development in Rail Domain and Decommission of huge legacy AS400 system and port to SQL server with EF Core and angular front end.

Survived in this web development industry starting from IE7 javascript coding, to jQuery chrome, bootstrap responsive app development till SPA age and Progressive application development.



Ingram Micro Associate Principal Software Development Engineer Jan 2020 - Present

  • Worked as team member for the Returns module for a B to B e-commerce application.
  • Worked in the performance team to identify the preformance improvemnt hotspots using multiple perfromance tools.

Telliant Systems Senior Technical Lead Nov 2016 - Jan 2020

  • Lead a 15 member development team to deliver Phase 2 of (EPMS) Enterprise Patient Management System from Legacy Green screen AS400 System to AngularJS & Web API based enterprise application
  • Successfully rolled out the Phase 2 System to more than 700 locations in US
  • Responsible for 10 Member Support team that develop and deliver bugs and user-stories to the monthly agile release cycle for EPMS Phase 2 Support project.
  • Active member of Telliant SAG (Software Architect Group), an inter organization association to resolve technical & design issues across the horizontal and help with Presales POC's.
  • Been a part of team of EPMS Phase 3 System for Decommission of enterprise legacy AS400 system with more than 1500 tables to SQL Server.
  • Lead and equip 30 Member team to develop & deliver in latest technology stack with .NET Core, EFCore, Angular 7, etc
  • Responsible for the design and architect EPMS Phase3 system. Its an EFCore based REST Web API Gateway with principles of DDD & CQRS with Angular 7 front end with TFS DevOps.
  • Responsible for creating and publishing coding standards for all technologies across the t. Responsible for review of LLD for all FRS's and design related issues.
  • Responsible for keeping code clean and maintainable through code review comments and approval of Pull Requests.

Ant Works (Previously iDatascinces/ Maples Imaging Solution Private Limited) Associate Team Lead Mar 2014 - Nov 2016

  • Been a part of a 35 member team for the migration of complex Rail Simulation software project from Windows to ASP.NET MVC.
  • Headed Web UI team, Webgl Team and, Build Release management team during the project tenure.
  • Being Scrum master, responsible for conducting Scrum Rituals for the three teams by following the agile principles for development and delivery.
  • Successfully delivered the migration of C++ window application to Angular ASP.NET MVC SPA with heavy transactions of WebGl based rail network modelling and simulation.

NadiELabs Tech Lead Jan 2012 - Mar 2014

  • Created & maintained Infotis and Consutis, An innovative cloud based SAS web products for internal collaboration, document management for MSMEs, B to B and B to C portal.
  • Implementing client requested features & bug fixes for infotis and consutis.
  • Maintaining support and presales requests for the both of the products.
  • Build and maintained the team of 6 and run the show for both of the products.

Astroved Senior Software Engineer Aug 2009 - Dec 2011

  • Worked in the multi-currency e-commerce website that sells astrology related products.
  • Created and Maintained a Facebook based ASP.NET MVC website for ICC WC 201, DLF IPL 2011 & CLT20
  • Responsible for porting the ASP web site to n-tier ASP.NET MVC application with WCF and NHibernate.
  • Responsible for implementing AIVEA shopping cart to the system & Integrate Dynamics Server.
  • Worked in the creation of Core Panchang Engine team and exposed the api as a WCF REST service to various application platforms like Facebook, igoogle, iphone and android.
  • Implemented the InstantInsight product across various platforms in like IGoogle & Facebook in ASP.NET MVC and Twitter & SMS through AT Commands GSM Modem.

Syncfusion Junior Software Engineer (Level 2) Jul 2008 - Jul 2009

  • Worked in the product based company that develops the reusable components for the Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Implementing customer requested features on the existing controls, fixing the reported bugs, developing new controls, handling support, and resolving customer queries on the product by providing the solution or workaround.
  • Handled the whole product Tools Web (ASP.NET reusable components suite) for four major version releases. Created the ColorPicker, jQuery UI Wrappers, Layout Controls to the Tools Web collection
  • Implemented the, requested new features in existing Tools Web controls along with the fixes for reported bugs.
  • Worked with the Tools Mvc (ASP.NET MVC reusable components) and created the Editor Packages and jQuery UI Wrappers for the beta version.